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Want to become a part of IT world and don't know where to start?

Software development is one of the most exciting things going on today. The more people who learn how to develop, the better the world becomes!

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Ready to rumble?

Are you looking for a way to become part of the IT industry? Look no further!

Explore the options

Let's explore all of the options that are available in IT industry.

Create Roadmap

We'll create roadmaps, objectives and goals aiming for success

Stronger in Team

We can do mentoring and counseling along the way!

The quality checker?

Let's go trough the logic of your app flows if you need a quality checker for start!


Any Questions? Answered

There are possibly many open questions, this is the answer to only a few of them. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Looking to make a career change into the IT field? Look no further! Our program will connect you with experienced professionals who can help guide you into a successful career in IT. Don't miss this opportunity to make a change for the better.


Vedran Balagović

Full Stack Developer


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